Halal Food in Singapore, Bangkok, New York & London to Look Out for When you are Planning your Next Holiday

Halal Food in Singapore, Bangkok, New York & London to Look Out for When you are Planning your Next Holiday

Although it may be pretty early in the year to start planning for your next holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t start now. But if you are looking for halal food at the destination you plan to visit, you may not always find this information at a local travel agency. So here are some of the best halal food in Singapore, Bangkok, New York and London you should look out for when you are planning your next holiday to either or all of these locations.



There are actually numerous places to find halal food in Singapore due to its diverse cultures and ethnicity. Some of these include places like Little India in Serangoon Road, Middle Eastern cuisines at Arab Street and Malay/Indonesian dishes at Geylang Serai & Joo Chiat area. But if you are looking to stay at some of the elegant hotels and dine at the best halal restaurants in Singapore, then you should look no further than Carousel and Straits Kitchen. Carousel is located on the first level of the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel while Straits Kitchen is located just across the street on the lobby level of the Grand Hyatt hotel. Both offer some of the best halal hotel buffet Singapore has to offer with a never ending buffet spread of delectable proportions. While Straits Kitchen offers more local cuisines like Malay, Indian and Chinese dishes, Carousel offers a more international buffet spread ranging from local cuisines to Middle Eastern, Western and even sinfully good desserts.



Another South East Asian city that offers fine halal food is Bangkok. Bangkok is known for its street food, some of which are halal but if you are truly looking for halal food in Bangkok, then you should visit places like Habib Sushiya and Salam Wanglang Halal Riverside Restaurant. Habib Sushiya is located at The Mall Ramkamhaeng 3 while Salam Wanglang Halal Riverside Restaurant is located in Wang Lang market. Both offer some of the best halal Thai dishes but while Habib Sushiya also offers Japanese Shabu buffet, Salam Wanglang has much more to offer like Japanese, Korean and American cuisines.



Across the globe in Europe is a city known for its tea, English breakfast and of course the Royal family. But if you are in search of some of the finest halal restaurants in London, then look no further than The Westbridge Restaurant, conveniently located within the premises of The Westbridge Hotel. It offers your usual English staples like pastries, sausages, steak, salmon and sandwiches but with a halal twist. And if you are craving for American staples like burgers, wraps, milkshakes and sundaes, then you definitely have to check out Tinseltown which is located in the heart of Bayswater.


New York

Our final stop is in New York located in none other than the United States. New York is known for many fine dining eateries but just around the corner of 53rd Street & 6th Avenue is halal guys New York. This halal eatery has been around since the 1980s but has become immensely popular in recent years although it serves up a simple menu of mainly chicken and gyro wraps and platters. And what American adventure will be complete without the famous burger staple. If you are looking for halal burgers made of organic meat, then the Burgers by Honest Chops at Macdougal Sreet is a definite stopover.


The next time you are planning your holiday and will like to know about the halal eateries nearby, visit HalalGo, an online guide for halal conscious Muslim travellers.  The website offers some of the most updated information on Muslim friendly and halal hotels you can book, places you can dine at and attractions which you can book for you and your family to truly enjoy.



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