About Us

It doesn’t matter for us whether you’re a Muslim who wants to keep to your traditions, a Jewish person, unable to find any Kosher foods in your area or just a gourmet. We want to keep you tuned into the best places with halal foods, restaurants and cafes.

Our experts visit those different places with revisions as secret customers and order different foods to provide you with high-quality reviews. We also know everything about halal foods and Islamic standards, so you can trust our knowledge.

What Makes Us Different

  • We really travel.
    Our people have been in many different places all over the world and they continue to travel, visiting halal places in many countries. This is why it’s always interesting to read their reviews, as those are based on real stories.
  • We cover large areas.
    We work with Asia and Southeast Asia mostly, but on our website, you can also find different reviews about American restaurants or other places all over the world.
  • We provide you with tips and interesting information.
    Apart from publishing reviews and revisions of different places, we also give you real information about halal, kill myths about the controversy in this sphere and give you overall interesting facts.
  • We understand the importance of what we do.
    Keeping their traditions is crucial for many people, and we know that halal places they go to should really be halal. This is why we are trying to do our work as best as we can.
  • We allow you share your places.
    And you might help us in this. If you’re traveling or just you love going to halal places, you could write about this and write about a café you’ve been to recently. This could help people from other countries who are not sure where it’s safe to it and you can share your experiences.

We try to keep our website friendly and going, and we welcome new members and gourmets. Assisting people in choosing the best place to have dinner and rest is what we do and what we believe to be really important. And we can do that together.