8 Reasons to Do Halal for Non-Muslim People

8 Reasons to Do Halal for Non-Muslim People

People are often diving into halal hysteria when they don’t understand the reasons why it’s so important for Muslim folks to do halal. But in fact, going halal could be the best decision you make in your life even if you’re far away from Islam. The reason for that is halal meat itself.

Reasonable Grounds for Trying and Sticking to Halal Food

  1. It’s the way an animal lives.
    Halal meat doesn’t just come from an animal that was slaughtered in some specific way, contrary to a popular belief. If a whole thing was just about slaughter, it would be much easier to do halal. But true halal meat comes from an animal that was treated really well during their whole life. That animal could only eat clean, good foods, it was taken good care of, so it’s clean when it comes to your table.
  2. It could be a lot cheaper.
    Actually, many people are going halal only because sometimes it’s much cheaper. Try to visit some halal places and you will probably notice that difference too. That would seem weird, as halal animals require a higher level of maintenance, but still, the halal meat won’t leave you broke.
  3. You really know something about your foods this way.
    Many people state that the best part is actually being aware of the fact where your food actually comes from. Each year there are different reports about people getting sick after they try something in a store, and it seems that FDA is not doing that good job after all. But you don’t have to worry about this is you incorporate halal into your life. You know that the flesh of that animal you’re eating is clean and you won’t feel bad after.
  4. There aren’t any harmful parts.
    Halal doesn’t allow adding of any toxic or harmful elements into animal’s ratio or into the meat after a slaughter. This really might seem a bit old-fashioned, but it makes sense. Science is still not clear about long term effects of different pesticides and toxins, but it seems that those could be really harmful to a human’s body.
  5. There won’t be much blood.
    Another thing about ritual slaughter is that it drives blood away from the body. Halal killing presumes that a cut would be made on an animal’s neck, so blood from a body pumps into a brain. This way, when meat is cut, there isn’t that much blood, so it’s cleaner.
  6. A pork part is also understandable.
    Muslims are not allowed to eat pork, which for many people seems weird, but it has some historical meaning. Pigs long time ago really could spread many germs and diseases, as those animals don’t lead the cleanest way of life. They also mate with their own relatives and eat their excrements. Those facts lead to contaminations and health risks.
  7. An animal doesn’t suffer.
    Halal rules require that an animal doesn’t see a knife, this way it’s not scared. An animal isn’t allowed to see another animal being killed, and a knife has to be really sharp, so it won’t feel much pain. Actually, this way of killing is really humane, especially if you compare it to some other ways.
  8. You are what you eat.
    This is an old saying, but many still believe it to be true. Consuming halal meat tells that you’re taking good care of your body and health. It also tastes really different and maybe you will fall in love with the unique taste of the halal meat itself.

It seems that health benefits of halal foods are really evident and clear. You can enjoy a wide variety of tastes and good foods while you’re still sure of the source of your meat. You also don’t have to worry about catching a germ or something bad from that meat. And well, even the fact that your meat doesn’t contain blood, could make it much softer and delicious. It’s good to make smart choices with your food.

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