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3 Wide-Spread Myths About Halal Foods

Halal foods are always a popular subject of discussion, even though there isn’t any reason for that. Because of that controversy you sometimes see in the media, there are many really common myths about keeping halal. When it comes to reality, none of those myths are true, but they continue to live in people’s heads.

Common Misunderstandings About Halal

  1. Halal slaughter is really cruel.
    PETA was the organization raising this rumor constantly. But in fact, this is not true. Most people consider it to be cruel as halal killing doesn’t involve stunning. However, in some countries (e.g. Australia) it sometimes does. But halal killing doesn’t allow an animal to feel fear and makes that throat cut really fast with a sharp knife, so an animal doesn’t suffer.
  2. Halal is extremely expensive.
    Many people believe that getting halal meat would cost them more than regular meat. Halal accreditation really involves paying a little extra, but just a little, so a consumer doesn’t feel that cost. Many plants also don’t divide their production into halal and non-halal, so in the end, all meat they produce is labeled halal, so you definitely don’t pay any extra. Others claim that halal meat in some parts of the country is even cheaper than getting non-halal meat.
  3. Halal foods aren’t clean.
    This myth comes from people who have been served poorly in halal places. This indeed could be true a decade ago, but now it’s definitely not. Quran prescribes cleanness in food and public places, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your food when you’re trying it in halal places. It will be done perfectly, without any toxins, your meat won’t have any issues with it.

As more and more people are turning to Islam or are just interested in Islam culture or trying something new, those myths turn out to be just rumors. And the quality of services in halal places increases, so you won’t encounter anything bad or weird. Actually, you might find many halal places more welcoming than Western places.