Habits of A Successful Gardener 0

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in USA and if you have been giving this hobby a thought for quite some time now then it is about time that you get started. However, if you need to understand that if you take up gardening you need to do it seriously and therefore it is important that you know about some of the habits that makes for a successful gardener.


The first thing that you need to do if you want to be a successful gardener is make your own compost. You can start composting with kitchen and garden debris and the benefits of making your own compost include improved soil quality and avoidance of landfills. A lot of people think that composting always means dealing with things from the bin but you have to understand that piling shredded leaves in the corner will count as well. If your garden space is small then you can even opt for trench composting and if you want you can also bring all your kitchen scraps to a single place like a community garden where the scarps will be composted automatically without you having to do anything. Orange peels and coffee grounds make excellent compost for the garden.


Once the compost is ready you should spread them around the plants in the garden to keep diseases at bay. You should also out a little bit of the compost in the potting mix. This will add the slow releasing micronutrients and will help the plants in your garden to thrive. You can also top dress the beds with the compost if you want to improve the structure of the soil remarkably; this will also restore the life of the soil which has gone through years of abuse.


Secondly, a successful gardener plants the fruits and vegetables in wide beds. When you plant the crops in the garden you will have to keep in mind that you should group them as much as you can in the beds which are not cut down due to weeding, conserves the water and allows the concentration of compost.


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Backyard garden ideas 0

Do you want to showcase your creativity in your backyard space and do something unique? Well, if your answer to the question is an emphatic yes then you can think about designing a backyard garden. Gardening is something that most people have an affinity towards and a backyard garden will accentuate the appeal of your home and make it look all the more stunning.


When you design a backyard garden you can opt for a five senses space. This basically means that the backyard garden that you create should appeal to all the five senses. In the garden you can plan some vibrantly colored flowers and also have foliage with bright colors like green, bronze and red leaves. To appeal to the sense of smell you can opt for some fragrant flowers like the jasmine and the evening scented stocks. While the jasmine will spread fragrance during the day, at night you can enjoy the sweet smell of evening scented stocks. Also, you can enjoy a water feature like a fountain.


If you want something extravagant then you can have a small stream flowing across your garden. To appeal to your sense of taste and you have cherries, strawberries and tomatoes in your backyard garden. To involve your sense of hearing you can have some butterfly bushes to attract insects and birds and for the sense of touch you can select plants like spiky rosemary or feathery foliage or any other plant with textured foliage.


You can also have a “secret” garden in the backyard. Having a secret garden actually means having a small garden in an enclosed part of your backyard, covered by walls on the four sides. It essentially means a garden in a courtyard. If you already have an existing courtyard you can build a garden inside it but if you don’t you can build an enclosed space. To make the enclosed space you can use normal fencing or you can opt for climbing flowers and trellis. Climbing flowers and trellis work the best in case of structures which are more open. If the enclosed space does not have favorable flowerbeds then you can use containers.

Garden Landscaping and design ideas 0

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States of America and one in every three people is into gardening.  Seeing people puttering their yard and creating beautiful and colorful surroundings is a very common sight. If you are into gardening as well and want to make your garden look absolutely stunning then here are a few landscaping ideas for you.


Borders are an excellent idea for gardens and you can put borders around your garden if you want to. This will give your garden a formal appearance. Moreover, even if the layout of your garden is not planned properly a border will create a simple yet elegant landscape feature and will add a certain kind of appeal to your garden. To create a border around your garden you can use things like stone, ground cover perennials and small evergreen plants. However, while choosing the small evergreen plants and ground cover perennials you will have to make sure that you choose the ones that can easily be trained and maintained. Easy training of the small evergreen plants and ground cover perennials will make sure that you are able to design them in a way you want to. English thyme is a very good choice and you can create the border of your garden using it.


Another great landscaping idea is the theme garden. Before you plant anything in the garden you should come up with a theme for it. You can have a garden that features plants with yellow leaves and flowers. You can also opt for things like herb garden, knot garden or a butterfly garden. Herb gardens, knot gardens and butterfly gardens do not require much space but if you do set your mind on any of these it is advisable that you first make a rough sketch of the garden on paper before you move forward with the idea.


Edible landscape is a very good idea and is fast catching on. Edible landscaping works the best for small gardens.

If you do not want to be too experimental then you can opt for water features and rocks.

Gardening – Advice and Tips on Garden 0

Do you want to design a garden in the backyard of your house? Well, if you do then you need to know that it is a very good idea indeed. As far as designing a garden is concerned, here is a bit of advice. Design a vegetable garden; it produces bushy foliages and riotous blooms. Designing a vegetable garden will require the perfect planning along the right preparation and a lot of timing. After the garden has been completely designed and created, you will have to make sure that the maintenance of the garden is done properly. You will have to prepare the soil, plant the right vegetables and make sure that the harvest is done in time.


Here are a few tips that will enable you to create a beautiful vegetable garden.

For starters, if you want your vegetable garden to thrive you must choose a level site that can be drained quickly and easily and have ample sunlight and favorable air movement. The space for the garden should be at least 30 square feet so that there is ample space for gardening and planting the vegetables. You should dig the top 12 inches of the soil and turn at least 6 inches of organic compost to natural soil. The compost will add nutrition to the soil and will loosen and make it favorable for planting and will also retain moisture in between the watering.


All the vegetables that you want in your vegetable garden should be planted in early spring. Planting the vegetables a couple of weeks before the last frost in your area will be ideal. Some of the vegetables that you must plant in your garden during this time include lettuce, carrots, potatoes, beets, peas, spinach, broccoli and cabbages. All these vegetables thrive well in the moist cool start and are able to withstand light spring frosts.


After the last frost you can plant warm weathered vegetables like peppers, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, okra and squash. Strawberries and watermelon can also be planted during this time.

The garden must be watered with 2 inches of water every week. Right fertilization is also very important.

Garden Design Ideas: Inspiration & Advice 0

A beautiful and well designed garden is every person’s joy and pride. A beautiful garden can enhance the appeal of your house manifold and if you have want to give your home a really nice look then a home garden is a very good idea. Employing some great gardening ideas can transform an outdoor space into a landscaped masterpiece. So, do you want some great gardening ideas? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then you should read on.


When you design a garden you should think about the seasonal palette and the colors. Using the seasonal palette sensibly will help you to create a perennial appeal. For your garden you must chose colors that have bright hues; try to choose flowers that have your favorite colors. For the plants in your garden you must choose the ones that will add texture to your garden. While choosing the flowers for your garden you must keep in mind that it is the best to choose flowers that bloom in the spring and in the summer. Also, while planting the flowers, you must plant flowers with contemporary colors next to one another.


When you design a garden you obviously want it to look beautiful and colorful throughout the year and for this you must choose plants with foliage, bark and fruits. Oakleaf Hydrangeas will give your garden a mesmerizing appeal in the autumn and for adding color to your garden in the winter you should opt for paperbark maple tree and redtwig dogwood stems. So, one of the best ideas for designing a garden is concentrating on the seasonal palette.best-modern-garden-design-ideas


Like the décor of a house, the designing of a garden also requires a focal point and having a focal point in your garden will give you something to work around. Whatever you choose as the focal point of your garden design should be placed in the centre and your layout and landscape design should be planned around it. However, if you want to do things differently you can also use the focal point as a decorative feature in the garden. A fountain makes for an excellent focal point.

Should I Use Organic Soil for My Plants?

Here at Neighbourhood Landscaping Inc, we get all kinds of questions about landscaping. The most common ones are always about gardens too. This makes sense as gardens are a great way to dress up your property, but they need to be handled correctly or the tactic will backfire. One common question we get about gardening is in regards to organic soil. If you’re wondering about using them, keep reading.

The Benefits of Organic Soil

Many people debate the benefits of organic anything, whether it’s soil or anything else. There are several sides to the debate, but some things are definitely clear. For one thing, you stand to have a healthier overall property if you use natural soil because there won’t be any damaging runoff to worry about. A lot of times, with non-organic soil, the chemicals make their way elsewhere and can end up hurting features of your property that aren’t accustomed to them.

Some communities have rules about the soil you can use for this very reason. They don’t the chemicals getting into the sewers or water supply.

There may be a number of other effects non-organic soil can have on the environment. Many people worry about how it will affect the animals that live in and around their garden, for example.

Of course, if you’re planning on eating from your garden, many people would represent you choose from organic soils. The thought is that many of the chemicals that are in the non-organic kind can get into your food and thus have deleterious effects to your body.


You will also find a number of drawbacks to picking an all natural soil. For one, it’s going to cost you much more. If you’ve ever bought organic food, you know it comes at a premium. Well, the same goes for the soil.

You’re going to find you have less selection to choose from too. There just aren’t as many companies out there that make an organic line of soil products. So you’ll need to make do with what you can find at the store.

Lastly, your plants won’t grow as fast or as big. Say what you will about chemicals, they definitely get robust results.

In the end, the choice is up to you. If you don’t worry about the chemicals, non-organic makes the most sense. Otherwise, just know that it will cost you a bit more to buy an organic brand.

If you missed out my last post about the Habits of A Successful Gardener, be sure to check it out!

A roof resolution: New Year home improvements

What New Year’s resolutions did you make for 2014? Was it to cut back on the junk food, eat less dairy? Maybe it was to start saving for a new car or dream getaway? Whatever it was, I hope you also took the time to make a one for your home and garden.

Homes across the US experienced a bitter winter this year and the roaring winds and freezing raincould have resulted in damage to the structure of your home. This is nowhere more applicable than the roof; not only can strong gusts send tiles flying and guttering falling, but snow and ice can crack sections of your roof, letting unwanted water in, rather than keeping it out.


There isn’t much you can do to prevent the damage occurring in the first place; but when it comes to making a repair, you do have a choice – make the repairs yourself or enlist the help of a professional. Therefore, our suggested roofresolution for 2014 is if there is any evidence of damage, to repair it ourselves.

You might think this sounds a little ambitious but to make it that bit easier, we decided to highlight the pros and cons of fixing your own roof – it might not be the easiest job in the world, but it’s worth doing.


  • The biggest bonus is the opportunity to save some money. By carrying out any repairs yourself like replacing missing tiles, you will see a huge difference in the cost of the work. It’s the labour expensesthat outweigh the materials used, not the other way round, so doing it yourself can save quite a bit.
  • Unfortunately, there are lots of rogue traders out there looking to make an easy buck. Not everyone can be trusted to do a job tothe standards you pay for. Doing it yourself means that you can forget the worry of being scammed and take your time to ensure the job is done right.
  • There are plenty of online retailers who stock the materials needed to make those all-important repairs who will deliver straight to your door, thusly avoiding any Saturday afternoon till queues and unfriendly staff.
  • For all our readers over the pond, UK-based Ashbrook Roofing not only supply free and impartial advice, but they also carry a huge range of roofing supplies and roof slates. For US readers, RSG Roofing does both residential and commercial work so you can be assured of top-quality materials.
  • Once you have all you need, you can quickly learn how to carry out your roofing resolution. There are lots of handy videos online, which show you completethe simplest of tasks.


  • Whilst you will save money on labour costs, the lack of materials you have on hand means you will have to fork out for everything. However, buying in bulk can often result in discounts or you might end-up timing it so you stumble across a sale or special offer.After Christmas is always the best time to pick up a bargain.
  • If you’re carrying out repairs yourself, your attention will most likely be focused on the task at hand and chances are you’ll miss any bigger problems, which a professional roofer might pick up. Make sure you take a look at everything and if you really aren’t sure, a second opinion could be needed.